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Scaling energy storage innovation

Energy and Clean Tech


Energy storage is crucial for the global transition to renewable energy. The focus to date has been on lithium-ion battery technology, but these are not a panacea. The challenge is to secure support and investment for new and alternative storage technologies that enable affordable, reliable and sustainable renewable energy to flourish.


Launched Invinity Energy Systems and established the company as the world leader in vanadium flow storage through a year-long communications programme targeted at global industry and investors. Drove pipeline of high-impact project launches to profile new brand and build momentum, augmented with targeted thought leadership to highlight vital role of the technology in accelerating decarbonisation.


Delivered over 150 pieces of coverage, including Financial Times, Bloomberg, Forbes, CNBC, ABC, Australian Financial Review, GreenTech Media and CleanTechnica with a reach of over 639 million and an estimated 1 million views online.


Invinity is now firmly established as a leading energy storage company and widely recognised as the world leader in flow battery technology, with a global PR presence in the UK, United States and Australia.

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