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Uncovering the hidden cost of salmon farming

Food and Agriculture


Salmon farming is viewed as one of the most sustainable methods of farming fish, however new research revealed hidden social, economic and environmental costs from salmon farming across the top 4 producing countries; Norway, Scotland, Chile and Canada.


Challenge the industry to do better by launching new analysis, which identified the costs of unsustainable practices to the companies as well as wider society and the environment. Greenhouse condensed a complex report into a compelling narrative that positioned the shocking costs as a wake-up call for immediate change. 


More than 200 articles across 13 countries with a reach of 5.8 million. Highlights: The Guardian, The Herald, The Fish Site, IntraFish and Mundo Acuícola (Chile). Industry leaders shared the media coverage which sparked conversations on the issues, including Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd and RSPB.


Changing Markets was invited to join an international Conservation Alliance on Seafood. Various stakeholders, including scientists and innovation companies contacted the NGO to find out more about the data. Industry leaders including Mowi and the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation commented on the report in the media. 

Media Coverage