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A more resilient and transparent tuna supply chain

Finance Nature

The Nature Conservancy

Overfishing is one of the most significant threats to ocean health, with 94% of all fish stocks either overfished or at maximum sustainable level. Tuna fishing provides a critical source of income and food for many. But illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing is threatening global seafood supply, harming coastal communities, and undermining marine conservation efforts.

In collaboration with TNC, we developed a new global initiative, named the The Tuna Transparency Pledge, to scale the adoption of on-the-water monitoring on industrial tuna fishing vessels. We built a campaign platform, brand, messaging and strategy to engage and unite key stakeholders in the tuna supply chain. Creative assets showcased the benefits of on-the-water monitoring for target audiences.

“It has been a pleasure working with Greenhouse Communications on The Nature Conservancy’s Tuna Transparency Pledge. The team is incredibly talented, creative, organized and deadline-oriented, and their strategic planning and execution drives results. They’ve worked with the Conservancy on several previous projects, and I’m sure we’ll continue to work with them in the future.”

A paid media campaign targeting priority audiences generated more than 1.3 million impressions and 5.8k clicks to TNC’s webpage. As a result of the paid campaign and direct stakeholder engagement, the Tuna Transparency Pledge garnered interest from major retailers and seafood companies seeking to improve transparency in their supply chains.

TNC fisheries infographic that says "do you need a new approach to responsible tuna sourcing?"

With corporate commitments set to launch in Spring 2024, the campaign platform strategically cultivated vital relationships with key players in the seafood industry. Notably, we’ve successful developed a compelling new campaign brand, that empowers TNC to actively encourage companies to strengthen commitments and drive progress in sustainable tuna fishing.

Paid media impressions
Paid media clicks