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#CROP27: Putting food innovation at the heart of COP27

Food and Agriculture
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Ahead of COP27, 27 innovators were chosen from the EIT Food community to represent the diversity of solutions, locations, people and ideas, including startup founders, scientists, production managers and farmers ​to showcase the importance of food innovation in climate dialogues.

In response to climate change, food system players have been forced to innovate to create solutions. A combination of traditional, nature-based solutions as well as novel food production methods are being re-introduced and scaled as a result. Farming has become so much more than cultivating the land and this campaign set out to change the narrative so that decision makers at COP27 and beyond truly understand the positive impact of the food system.

Read more about the campaign on EIT Food’s blog which includes a case study for each of the 27 innovators.


There is a perception that food systems, particularly agriculture as the face of food systems, are seen as driving negative impact on the environment rather than offering an opportunity to drive positive impact and be climate positive. Sustainability challenges are often tackled in isolation - the food system needs to be considered holistically.


Showcase the breadth of innovation in food production as a key solution to climate change, by amplifying the passion and diversity of today's 'farmers' that are already acting and positioning the EIT Food community as key to connecting innovation, agriculture and climate action. This was executed through creating CROP27 - profiling 27 innovators across the food system, their current and potential impact on the future of food in the countdown to COP.


3.6 million impressions, 42.5K engagements, 14.5K link clicks and an exclusive interview in Forbes magazine and leading trade publication New Food Magazine.


By profiling the diversity of innovation and food system solutions, the CROP27 campaign amplified the importance of food innovation in climate dialogues, creating conversations online ahead of - and during - the conference. This was echoed on the ground with stakeholders of the Food Systems Pavilion discussing and sharing the campaign.

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The campaign messaging and creative were amplified via an outreach campaign to encourage people in the food industry to visit the blog and nominate inspiring food innovators using #CROP27. This included leading industry stakeholders such as Professor Christopher Elliot​, Queens University Belfast​, Sue Pritchard, Chief Executive of the FFC Commission, Gunhild Stordalen, Founder of EAT and Sara Roversi​, Founder of the Future Food Institute.