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Supporting youth leadership on climate

Education and Youth


The UN’s climate change conference, COP26, was postponed due to Covid-19, delaying urgent commitments and action from governments to tackle the climate crisis.


To fill the void of the postponed COP26, 330 young people from over 140 countries hosted an inclusive two-week online event called Mock COP. Young climate activists were media trained and profiled in international media coverage, videos and on social media to demonstrate how the climate crisis is affecting youth across the world. Youth leaders showed the world what would happen if young people were the decision makers.


Managed new partnerships with COP26 and UNDP. Delivered a global integrated PR campaign that engaged politicians, youth and influencers in 140 countries. More than over 400 pieces of coverage, including CNN, MTV, BBC World News, Channel 4 and The Guardian, reaching 98m people. Top influencers, including Dia Mirza and Xiya Bastida shared content and the #MockCOP26 hashtag reached 12 million people worldwide.


The UNDP reviewed the ‘impressive’ legal treaty, which is being discussed in UN departments. The UN COP26 Presidency, the Italian Government and BEIS are involving Mock COP youth in climate action decisions. Mock COP was invited to share a statement at the global Climate Ambition Summit on the 12th December. 

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