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Amplifying the call for an ambitious Global Biodiversity Framework


Nature Positive

Everything we value and rely on in life depends on nature: a stable climate, food, security, economy, culture and happiness. However, decades of overconsumption means nature is being destroyed faster than it can regenerate. The climate and nature crises must be addressed simultaneously, as without protecting nature and biodiversity, we will not meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. For this, we need global ambition to halt and reverse nature loss by 2030.

In December 2022, 196 nations gathered in Montreal to negotiate the Global Biodiversity Framework. With a coalition of leading NGOs, we developed a set of ambitions to place a united call for action at the heart of the conference, raising ambition on key points. This involved developing a comprehensive communications toolkit, collating events and announcements into a media news grid, organising media pre-briefings, and developing a campaign film and suite of assets. On the ground, we organised 3 press conferences, coordinated interviews with spokespeople and shared a regular newsletter with updates on the negotiations.

“Working with Greenhouse was a pleasure. They united partners and cohesively knitted our messaging together to deliver an excellent campaign and extensive suite of media opportunities at COP15. The impact in the media was like nothing before on nature, and we are hugely grateful for their outstanding work.”

Over 5,300 articles mentioned Nature Positive during COP15 with standout coverage in the Financial Times, Guardian, Reuters, AFP, CBC News, Bloomberg, Sky, BBC, the Washington Post and more. Over 70 experts were interviewed on the ground and more than 200 media requests were received across the period from top international, national and trade outlets.

CBD COP15 and nature hit the headlines globally in an unprecedented manner, with a total 72K articles mentioning the conference, including coverage of Nature Positive, businesses, 30×30, rights-based approach and a global goal for nature. Coordinating regular, targeted interviews with nature experts paved the way for media coverage that helped apply pressure to policymakers to agree an ambitious final text.

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