World-first electric Urban Air Port® prepares for take off

Think flying cars and passenger drones are a distant and unimaginable feat of the future? Think again and meet Urban Air Port®.

Urban Air Port® is the pioneering company behind Air-One®, the world’s first airport and charging hub for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircrafts, such as air taxis and autonomous drones. The eVTOL aircrafts can transport people and cargo in urban spaces, offering benefits to passengers and cities alike.

Urban Air Port®, which is launching the Air-One® site in Coventry in late 2021, was selected as a winner of the UK government’s Future Flight Challenge to develop the infrastructure that will enable mass adoption of sustainable urban air mobility in the near future. The team plan on creating a thriving air mobility network underpinned by innovative and intelligent ground infrastructure, including both hardware and software systems.

The Air-One® site in Coventry will showcase demonstrations of remote aircraft command and control, refuelling/charging as well as cargo and passenger loading for both manned and unmanned eVTOL aircrafts. The Coventry site will operate in three key markets: autonomous logistics, passenger air taxi services and disaster emergency management.

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The future of transport 

Although still a relatively new concept to many, urban air mobility will play a critical role in cutting air pollution and reducing congestion in cities around the world. City populations continue to grow and it is crucial for new innovations to make city life as convenient and sustainable as possible.

In order to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, there must a strong focus on developing sustainable cities and communities, to which transportation plays a pivotal role. Urban air mobility gives people and companies a new, sustainable way to think about transportation. By eliminating congestion and air pollution in densely populated areas around the world, urban air mobility will provide a foundation that will support the growth of sustainable cities worldwide.

The market for urban air mobility is predicted to be worth $500 billion in the US alone according to NASA, which has identified lack of infrastructure as the biggest barrier to its mass uptake – and Urban Air Port is providing the solution.

Greenhouse worked with Urban Air Port® to design an impactful communications strategy for the announcement and developed powerful messaging to maximise the impact of the launch, sparking conversation about the future of transport and generating awareness around the globe.

To ensure a successful take off and to reach audiences far and wide, our proactive media relations led the to the campaign achieving over 400 pieces of coverage across UK national, international, trade and regional media, including The Times, Sky News, Telegraph and World Economic Forum. The coverage reached over four billion people and positioned Urban Air Port® as a key player and innovator within the urban air mobility infrastructure space.

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Greenhouse also secured high impact interviews with top broadcast media, including LBC News, The Times Radio and BBC World Service – Newsday.

Alongside the Future Flight Challenge, Urban Air Port® recently announced a partnership with Hyundai Motor Group who have chosen Urban Air Port® as its strategic partner to support the global growth of the up and coming sector. The South Korean company plans to produce eVTOL aircrafts which the partnership will help to support the commercialisation of by 2028. Urban Air Port’s partnership with Hyundai Motor Group, alongside the backing from the UK government, has substantially strengthened their credibility around the world and has truly positioned Urban Air Port® as pioneers of the future.

Looking ahead

Urban Air Port® have plans to roll out 200 sites globally over the next five years, with Coventry becoming the first place to demonstrate the potential of urban air mobility ecosystems. As Urban Air Port® continues to rapidly expand their infrastructure around the world, the future of sustainable, convenient transportation may be far closer than you think. Keep your eyes on the sky!