#TheTimeIsNow – Join the largest mass lobby for action on climate change.

The Time Is Now date and time

A nationwide lobby of parliament, called The Time Is Now, is taking place on Wednesday 26th June, in response to the climate crisis and growing public support for political action.

It is expected to be the largest mass lobby for climate change action and environmental protection the UK has ever seen. More than 14,000 people, representing 99% of the UK’s constituencies, will travel to Westminster to meet their local MP to demand urgent political action to combat climate change and protect the natural environment.

The lobby has been organised by The Climate Coalition and Greener UK – together, they consist of over 130 organisations representing a diverse support base of more than 15 million people (including CAFOD, the Women’s Institute, the National Trust, RSPB, WWF, Friends of the Earth, Oxfam and Christian Aid and many more).

Against a backdrop of increasingly dire warnings of temperature rises and species extinction, Greenhouse has worked closely with The Climate Coalition and Greener UK to develop new research that informs parliamentarians that:

  1. Seven in ten British people are demanding urgent political action to combat climate change and protect the natural environment.
  2. Two thirds (66%) say the government needs to pass a new environment bill, with legally binding targets that create a healthier environment.
  3. 71% want their local MP to support ambitious plans to protect the natural environment and tackle climate change.
  4. The vast majority (81%) of Brits think that tackling climate change and protecting the natural environment are issues of concern for all generations. 
  5. 58% now talk more about climate and the environment than they did five years ago.

What is Greenhouse doing to support?

  • We are donating £35k pro bono support, offering our expertise and connections.
  • We are working with Climate Coalition to create strong national and regional media coverage ahead of the lobby – securing articles in The Guardian, Independent, Huffington Post and more.
  • We are attending on the day to join thousands of Britons in demanding a push for bold action on the climate crisis.

What can you do?

Follow ‘The Time is Now’ on social media, contact your MP and come along on Wednesday 26th June to tell parliament the importance of urgent action on climate change and the environment.

The Time Is Now call to action

If you’re working to create positive change and need help telling your story, please get in touch with the team on 0117 214 1250 or email info@greenhousepr.co.uk.