Sustainable Brands Pioneer: Albert Bosch, Adventurer and Entrepreneur


Albert Bosch is a world-class adventurer and entrepreneur who thrives on challenging, breakthrough journeys. He’s among the global brand strategists and sustainability executives speaking atSustainable Brands 15 London, whereGreenhouseis a media partner.

Albert has crossed Antarctica unassisted from the coast to the South Pole, he has climed the highest mountains of each continent (including Mt Everest) and was the first pilot in history to drive a 100% electric car in the Dakar Rally with each activity linked to promote sustainability and positive change. He is also a regular Ultra Marathons runner and has done more than 100 races in different extreme sports AND he helps support sustainable start-up businesses in the field of renewable energy.

We caught up with Albert to find out more about how he has successfully linked sports and adventure with the world of sustainability:

What is your role in your organisation?

I am an adventurer and an entrpeneur and have founded my own organisation. My main focus is promoting my own adventures and taking my story to other people through lectures, workshops and books. I also participate and support sustainable start up businesses and promote investment projects in the field of renewal energy.

What have you been working on in the last year that you’re proud of?

I was the first pilot in history to drive a 100% electric car without using a single drop of petrol in the Dakar Rally (the most difficult motor race in the world). It was an adventure to demonstrate commitment to a future in sustainable mobility and transport.

How significant is sustainability in your organisation? I.e. Does it sit in the heart of your business and is central to business transformation?

For us, sustainability is our main goal and purpose. We only promote adventures or businesses linked with sustainable attitudes, benefits, communication or actions.

I will never take part in an adventure if it is not really linked to an environmental value or direct benefit. For example, crossing Antartica for climate change warning, riding in Dakar Rally with an electric car for future efficient mobility, kayak expedition in Menorca Island for compensating CO2 emissions campaigning, were all linked to sustainability and environmental values.

We also never invest in or promote activities that are not committed to and adding value to a sustainable future. All of our investments are with positive projects such as PV plants, eolic projects, efficient energy, clean water processes, sustainable and afforable housing, etc.

Atac Cim Elbrus 4.800m

What are the big barriers or frustrations you face to achieving change?

When selling sponsorships to companies, or sustainable projects to investors, they lack interest in sustainable values and a sustainable vision for the future. Their main goal is money and using sustainability as an afterthought or as a means of marketing or a kind of green wash. That is not commitment to sustainability – to some sustainable values are a side issue rather than the core reason for doing something.

How important is communications in pioneering change?

Communications in pioneering change is the key issue and it’s my main focus in all of my work. I want to use my adventures and activities, and encourage others use theirs, in order to communicate sustainable commitment as an urgent and essential question in our lives, but from a popular accessible interest such as sports and adventure.

Very few people are ready to read information about sustainability from scientific or theoretical news perspective, but the majority of people are ready to read about sport and adventure. So we have a huge opportunity to share information, values and commitment, through a popular platform and via people’s interests and we cannot waste it. That’s my dream is that we can reach people on sustainability through sport and adventure and my commitment is to do just that.

What brand do you most admire that are doing interesting things insustainability?

TESLA is changing the vision and the way to do things, and they’re communicating it very well.

IMG-20150529-WA0004 Conferencia

Is there something you’ve read over the last year that has inspired you orcontributed to your thinking? I.e. a book, campaign orwhite paper?

The adventure and sustainability project of ‘SOLAR IMPULSE’ of Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg which is about flying around the world with a 100% solar powered air plane, and communicating the message of a global clean future has really inspired me.

What insight can you share that would be useful to other people wanting to change norms?

We all are leaders of something … but at this point we don’t need any more “leaders” in itself, we need “responsible leaders” with responsibility beyond personal goals about the impact we have in society and on the environment. The people with a public presence have a greater responsibility because they have a constant and public channel to communicate and they’re admired for the example they are with a real opportunity to create change.

If you would like to know more about Albert Bosch, you can find more information on hiswebsiteor you can find him onTwitter.

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