5 ways to help your pet go green in 2019

Yora dog food

A growing awareness of environmental issues has meant that many of us have changed the way we eat, shop and live.

From reusable cups and vegan diets, to beeswax wraps and ethical fashion, the Greenhouse team likes to keep up with the latest trends in ethical living. However, it’s not just us humans that need to cut our carbon – our four legged friends also have a part to play.

Studies suggest that pets consume 20 per cent of the world’s meat and fish, and a dog’s carbon footprint is said to be twice that of a 4×4 car.

Enter Yora, the world’s most sustainable dog food – made from insect larvae.

Greenhouse launched this trailblazing new pet food last week, achieving widespread media coverage with an estimated readership of more than 20 million. Highlights included BBC, BBC World Service, Radio 4’s Today programme, Guardian, Reuters, Daily Mail, Mirror, Metro, Evening Standard and VICE, amongst others.

For years, environmental experts have proposed insects as the food source that can end world hunger without harming the planet. Insects use a fraction of the resources to farm and Yora’s grubs are reared in a high tech facility in the Netherlands by Protix.

With this in mind, we decided to track down the top eco-products on the market for anyone looking to reduce their pet’s carbon pawprint.

Environmental pet products

Top five environmental pet products:

  1. Yora is made from insect larvae combined with oats, potato and natural botanicals, providing a sustainable and nutritious diet for your dog.
  2. Beco Bags are home compostable, unscented poo bags for any dog owners looking to reduce plastic use.
  3. Green & Wild have produced a range of pet toys made from sustainable jute, a natural plant fibre.
  4. Maizy cat litter, made from 100% puffed corn kernels, is biodegradable and free from perfumes and additives.
  5. The Little Soap Company has created an organic soap bar that naturally repels fleas and is totally free from detergents, parabens and preservatives.

If you represent a consumer brand that is helping to build a more sustainable future and looking to increase its impact, get in touch and let’s team up in the fight against climate change.