B the Change this Valentine’s Day

Using Business as a force for good

This month, thousands of B Corps around the world are joining forces to celebrate ‘using business as a force for good’, and recommending their ‘B Corps Crush’ on Valentine’s Day.

B Corps are companies that are certified as meeting rigorous standards that demonstrate their positive impact on people and planet, as well as profit. It’s a global movement comprising over 2,300 businesses representing 61 countries and 131 industries.

B Corp

Greenhouse is proud to be a B Corp. We are not just a PR agency, we work exclusively with pioneers and entrepreneurs to increase their impact and accelerate change towards a resilient and sustainable future. Passing the rigorous certification process means we can measure the positive impact we are having, whilst being part of an inspiring community committed to leaving the world in a better state than we found it.

To share the love on Valentine’s Day, here is our list of top 10 B Corp Crushes.

Greenhouse PR’s Top 10 B Corp Crushes:

  1. Pukka Herbs, for pioneering new methods of harvesting sustainable tea.
  2. Bulb, for providing cleaner, cheaper, greener energy to the UK.
  3. Rebel Kitchen, for making delicious, organic, responsibly sourced food and drink.
  4. Divine Chocolate, for totally committing to Fairtrade values.
  5. Ecover, for proving that plastic doesn’t have to come from petroleum.
  6. Triodos Bank, for launching the most sustainable current account on the market.
  7. SustainAbility, for inspiring businesses to lead the way to a sustainable economy.
  8. WHEB, for creating prosperity through positive impact investments.
  9. Resource Futures, for accelerating our transition to a circular economy.
  10. Neighbourly, for connecting businesses with local, community projects in need of volunteers.

Three ways that Greenhouse uses business as a force for good:

  1. Mission focused – 100% committed to providing communications to drive social and environmental change.
  2. Supporting employees – by offering continuous professional development, flexible working arrangements, fresh organic fruit and weekly yoga classes in the office.
  3. Business operations – running efficient environmentally responsible business – committed to renewable energy, minimising waste, and investing in Fairtrade.

There are now 149 B Corps in the UK, representing a wide range of sectors. We believe that by working together, and encouraging others to do the same, we can find solutions to the challenges we face and shape the future we want to see.

If you believe that business should be used for people and the planet then sign up to this Thunderclap and help us make some noise on social media on 28 February. Use these hashtags on Twitter to share how you are #reinventingbusiness during #bcorpmonth.

Feeling inspired? Check out our interviews with Bulb, Do Nation and Elvis and Kresse to find out what inspired them to join the B Corp movement.

If you’re a business driven by purpose and looking for support with communications, we would love to work with you.