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Mobilising young people to register to vote

Education and Youth


Nearly three quarters of young adults (18-24) say politicians aren’t talking enough about the climate crisis, yet only one in three 18-29 year olds are registered to vote. This election was the climate election and we needed to encourage and motivate young people to vote to have a say in their future.


By focusing on areas where youth registration was low, we launched the #ItsOurTime with the CommsLab to motivate two million young people to register to vote. In an extremely tight turn around, we delivered a strong narrative showcasing the regional installations and a national story, profiling young spokespeople and celebrity endorsements.


Delivered over 220 articles with a total reach of nearly 7 million. Regional installations were highlighted in the media, calling on young people to register. Media highlights included: iNews, The Mirror, ITV News, the Metro and over 200 regional outlets. 


Nearly 2.5 million young people registered to vote in the election post campaign in the two weeks running up to the election, breaking all records.

Media Coverage